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Corporate Limo Service

Simplify corporate limo service with Galveston Shuttle & Limo, your one stop shop for all your corporate ground transportation needs. With multiple booking options, a guaranteed on time pickup policy, availability nationwide, competitive pricing, multiple vehicle types and integration into GDS and OBTs, Galveston Shuttle & Limo is a seamless, reliable and consistent option for travel arrangers and their business travelers.

For the travel arranger, Galveston Shuttle & Limo provides a complete set of tools designed to help track and manage ground transportation spend and passengers. Leveraging a web-based central dashboard, Galveston Shuttle & Limo provides account administrators the ability to track all ground travel activity including upcoming and completed rides, a breakdown of the account’s top passengers and the account’s overall ground transportation spend. With the dashboard, travel arrangers are able to ensure their travelers are taken care of without any frantic calls, and gain insight into this previously hard to manage travel spend category. Additionally, travel arrangers can provide duty of care with our licensed and fully vetted drivers and can track the exact whereabouts of their travelers with our technology-backed car service solutions.

Galveston Shuttle & Limo also offers corporate meetings and convention group event services where dedicated event managers work with corporate clients to plan and deliver events ground transportation for groups of all sizes.

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