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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make a reservation?

We offer four simple ways to book a ride.

Q. How do I pay for my reservations?
  • You can make payment by paying our electronic invoice where you can make the payment securely online. (the easiest way)
  • You can provide your credit card information by filling up a credit card authorization form, and send it to us along with a copy of your credit card and your identification.
  • In some cases, or under request, you can make payment through Paypal.
  • You can also send us a check at least 7 days before your pick up date

All reservations must pre-paid in advance, we do not allow cash payment to the drivers.

Q. Does the driver accept credit cards or cash?

Our drivers do not accept payments in any form. Your payment information will be collected during the booking process whether you book online, through our app or by phone.

Q. How can I get a copy of my receipt?

You can get a receipt automatically after your payment, or by signing up with a valid email address. You can also call our staff to email you a copy of your receipt, or ask your driver to provide you with one at the end of the service.

Q. How will I find my driver? Do you provide meet & greet service?

Your uniformed driver (Suite and tie) will be holding a sign with your name at the baggage claim level for domestic flights, and outside of customs for international flights or designated meeting area if the airport has one. The driver will send you a text message if you provided you cellphone number, which will make it easier for you to find him. The “meet and greet” is a welcoming addition to our service in unfamiliar airport or after a long flights. If you are unable to locate your chauffeur please call the dispatch at (409) 761-1184 so they can help you locate each other.

Q. What method of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, Money Orders, Travel Checks, Cash, paypal, Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer. Personal or company checks should be made out to Galveston Shuttle & Limo, and mail out a t least a week before the service day.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. We offer a variety of discounts from newspaper coupons, local discounts, seasonal promotions and Corporate Discounts. Most must be provided when the reservation is made and/or they must be associated with an account and paid promptly to qualify. Please check with your salesman or association for Discount/Coupon Codes.

Q. How do I know if my booking has been confirmed?

We will acknowledge all confirmed reservations via an e-mail unless otherwise the customer specifies in the comment box that he/she requires us to respond via other means.

Q. What precautions should I take in safely sending my daughter off in a prom limousine?

Be sure the itinerary is set well before the night-the limousine driver should know exactly when to pick up and drop off the prom goers. Go over the limousine regulations with your daughter-no drinking, smoking or horseplay in the limousine.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

We provide service 24/7 365 days a year. But the office hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday.

Q. If you don’t have a car that I’m looking for, can you still help me find one?

Absolutely! We can do our best to provide you with any car of your choice from our affiliates companies!

Q. What type(s) of vehicles do we have available?

All of our limousines are late model vehicles ranging in size from 6 to 18-passengers. All vehicle rentals include chauffeur.

  • Sedan Service (3 passengers)
  • SUV service (6 passengers)
  • Passenger van (maximum 14 passengers)
  • Escalade Limousine (16 & 20 passengers)
  • Hummer Limo (16 passengers)
  • Party Bus (14 to 25 Passengers)
  • Passenger Bus (15 to 25 passengers)
  • Shuttle Bus (15 to 56 passengers)
Q. Can we bring our own alcohol into the limousine?

Yes. We recommend you place these items in a small cooler where you can dispose of your empties and trash at the end of the day/night.

Q. How do I make requests to my driver during the trip?

All of our stretch limousines have intercom systems for talking to your chauffeurs during the trip. Also, all drivers carry cell phones so that you can maintain communication for additional pickups throughout the day.

Q. What do I do if I discover that I have accidentally left something in the limousine?

If you have not already called us, we will immediately let you know if someone in your party has left an object of value in the limousine. Please call our support staff to inquire about a lost item.

Q. Do I need to put my child in a car seat?

Yes, Texas Laws requires car seats for children, so you should know and comply with the legal requirements.

Q. Does your company provide baby or booster seats?

Yes, you can reserve a child seat during the booking process, for an additional fee.

In order to ensure the safety of the child and proper installation of the car seat, the driver may ask for assistance when installing the car seat. In NYC, the law requires the passenger perform the installation.

Q. What type of service do we provide?

All occasions…all the time. We provide professional courteous service for the following Weddings Proms Concerts Sports Events Night on the town Shopping excursions Casinos Birthdays Corporate Airport Quinceañera Sweet Sixteen Bar & Club Hopping.

Q. Is there a deposit required…and when are balances due?

Our policy requires all reservations to be pre-paid 7 days in advance regardless of the method of payment.

Q. What is your cancellation Policy?

A: A minimum of 7 days notice is required for cancellation of all Stretch Limousines arrangements to avoid the charge of the full fare. Confirmed reservations canceled before 7 days prior to the charter will be charged 50% of the fare. Confirmed reservations canceled less than 7 days prior to the charter will be charged in full.
A: For town car service for airport transfers, we require a minimum of 24 hrs for cancellation without charge.

Q. Do you allow smoking in your vehicles?

No. All of our vehicles are non-smoking.

Q. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation to secure a limousine for my event?

The sooner the better, even though we also accommodate last minute reservations it is strongly recommended that you plan ahead of time, especially around spring time, fall and Holidays.

Q. Why do you need a credit card if I’m going to pay the driver cash?

The credit card information you provide to make a reservation is kept as a “security deposit” in case you have any inconvenience, like wanting to go over time but not having the cash in your pocket, also at the last minute you can change your mind and decide to use it to pay, and finally if any of the people inside the limo break anything or infringe any of our rules (read our privacy policy) we will ask you to pay for any damage made to the unit. Other than that, once the service is provided we will securely dismiss the information and not touch your card.

Q. Do you offer special corporate limousine services and pricing?

Yes we do. Galveston Shuttle & Limo offers special corporate services and discount pricing, usually this includes no minimum hourly requirement. Depending on the service requests and the volume of limousine rentals, our company will work with corporations and mid-size companies to provide limousine services that suit their specific needs and requirements.

Q. Can I rent a limousine for just one hour?

Our business is a tricky one, and just to send a limousine out costs money. In order to make some profit we require for hourly minimums to be applied, mainly being the reason why the more hours you get the better deal you can get. Call (409) 761-1184 to find out about hourly minimums throughout the week. Airport transportation and other point to point transportation are exceptions.

Q. How do I know what size limousine is best for my needs?

Most Limousine companies have sedans (2-3 passengers), stretch limousines (up to 6 passengers), super stretch limousines (up to 10 passengers), SUV’s (up to 6 passengers), passenger vans (up to 14 passengers) and super stretch SUV’s (up to 20 passengers). For the best comfort for your event you should subtract 2 from the above numbers (except for sedans). If you are booking airport transportation consider the amount of luggage your party has.

Q. What is your billing procedure and credit card processing?

Your credit card will be billed on the actual day of the trip. However, for large group more than 7 passengers, we require pre-payment online. or we do require valid credit card to complete your reservation. Credit cards are validated or pre-authorized before vehicle is dispatched. Pre-payments can be arranged for relatives or friends of the traveler.

Q. If I need to cancel a reservation, what are the requirements?

You must notify us of cancellation via phone, or email. Follow up via phone is required in case cancellation confirmation is not received within 2 hours. There is no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made within the cancellation term stated in term and conditions. Late cancellations will result in a full charge to your account. For airport transfers cancellations and changes must be completed over the phone at least 24 hours in advance. No refunds will be allowed if a customer is refused service because he/she appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if he/she is refused service because he/she displays an inability to care for themselves or displays conduct which may disrupt the pleasure and/or safety of passengers or employees. No refund will be given to anyone who is refused service because of refusal to wear a seat belt or follow the rules and regulations of the carrier. It is your responsibility to make sure you are at the correct pickup location prior to your scheduled pickup time; No shows will be charged in full

Q. How do I handle the gratuity for the chauffeur?

Standard gratuity is between 15% and 20% of your trip, about what you would pay at a restaurant. Most companies do not dictate gratuity except in the case of a wedding or prom where there is a required minimum for gratuity. Many times you can either pay your chauffeur cash or add the gratuity to your credit card after the trip is completed. It is good practice to give this to the chauffeur at the start of the service in order to prevent the possibility that it might be overlooked or forgotten at the completion of service.

Q. Will I be billed for my waiting time?

Our customers are privileged to free waiting time for airport transfers. Our operators checking all flights ETA’s (for delays or earlier arrivals). Wait time starts when airplane arrives at the airport. We offer 30 minutes free for domestic flights and 60 minutes free for international flights. For Cruise-ship pick ups we provide 30 minutes of complimentary waiting time.

Q. What if my flight is delayed?

No reason to call if you are on the same flight, our dispatch office monitors arrivals. However, you must call if your flight gets canceled to give our dispatcher the new flight or if you miss your flight. Our operators checking all flights ETA’s (for delays or earlier arrivals). Your service should be calling ahead to make sure they are there when your flight lands. Give your service all your flight information when reserving your limousine.

Q. What if my luggage doesn’t fit?

It is best to let us know if you will be traveling with a lot of luggage. Most sedan limos have a regular size trunk, so if you think you will have excessive luggage, let the limo company know in advance so we can make arrangement for you.

Wedding F.A.Q

Q. What is included in a wedding package?

This will vary depending on the specials or promotions running at the time of the reservation. Our company will provide complimentary water, ice, soft drinks, red wedding carpet, Just Married sign and a professionally trained and attired chauffeur. Multi-car discounts are sometimes available, so it is best to ask for specifics promotions regarding wedding packages.

Q. How far in advance should I book my wedding?

As soon as you have confirmed your wedding date, church and reception location it is a good idea to book your limousine. The wedding season books quite early for specialty vehicles, so you will want to make your reservation as soon as you have your information.

Q. What kind of limousine should I rent?

If you know what type of limousine you want, be specific. Not all wedding limousines are white. Be sure to let the service know exactly what you want. We will be happy to have you visit and select the vehicle you want, or you can check all vehicles online at Keep in mind the number of people in your party and allow for extra room for comfort.

Q. What items are provided on the limousine and what should we bring with us?

We do not put CD’s on board the limo anymore, because it is outdated, but you can bring your favorite Digital devices like Ipod, Iphone, MP3 player, DVD and CD’s with you to listen to your favorite music on board. We have ice, water and coolers on board for passengers over 21 to bring along their favorite alcoholic beverages. Many guests also bring along their cameras to preserve their special memories from their trip.

Q. What if we have gone over our reservation time but want to keep the party going?

No problem! You may continue your limo reservation provided that yours is the last reservation of the day or there are no other reservations that day for that vehicle. Just check with the driver and we will do everything possible to keep the party going.

Q. I have 10 people in my wedding party plus a little 5 year old girl can we still fit in a 10-passenger limousine?

Even a 5 year old is considered a passenger. We would never risk injury to a young child and we cannot make exceptions to the law regarding passenger vehicle capacity. It would be better to rent a bigger limousine to accommodate everyone with more elbow and leg room.

Q. My teenager wants to go to the prom; can he and his friends have champagne in the limousine?

If your son or daughter isn’t old enough to drink legally, then he or she is not allowed by law to drink alcoholic beverages in any of our vehicles. As a precaution against underage drinking, our chauffeurs have been instructed to place all backpacks, duffel bags or any other suspicious containers in the trunk of the limousine to be returned to the passengers at the end of the night. Our policy on underage drinking is zero tolerance!

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